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Pour La Victoire means 'for victory'-- and with these shoes on, the championship is more than halfway yours, and yours alone. Believed to be the new standard in designer footwear, the brand has been on a meteoric rise since launching its first collection in 2007 by designers Jay Adoni and David Giordano, industry veterans with a combined 40 years experience in the shoe business. Its mission is and always will remain to redefine all aspects of what a designer shoe should be.

The brand seeks to fill a void in the women’s market-cultivating the allure of femininity by using historic, luxurious, and unusual materials and designs. Inspired by hard edge European fashion and the spirit of evolution, these shoes promote a modern 21st century look for a style that would otherwise only be associated with the Marie Antoinette. Each shoe carries classic French names like Victorina or Malena in honor of their soigné European appeal.

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