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Gravis footwear and Gravis bags have a mission to design comfortable, durable, ingenious shoes and bags for everyday function and style. Working with world class athletes, musicians, and designers, Gravis shoes and Gravis bags have redefined the term casual, built to fit right out of the packaging.

Gravis footwear and Gravis bags make quality goods spanning across sports ranging from surf, snow, skate, as well as musicians. Gravis shoes incorporates and fuses ideas behind sponsored riders such as Kalani Robb, Dj Kid Millionaire aka Steve Aoki, Ian Walsh, Kassia Meador, Kerr Dillon, Trevor Andrew, and Hannah Teter to name a few. Through this collaboration between artists and athletes, Gravis shoes and Gravis bags set the standard for quality and design.

Whether its Gravis shoes, Gravis sandals, Gravis bags, Gravis travel, or Gravis apparel/clothing, Gravis Footwear is always looking out for you to keep your game tight and swagger in check. Gravis Footwear also helps promote clean beaches and encourages you to do the same. Slip on a pair of Gravis shoes and you'll know what the Gravis culture is all about.

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