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Macbeth Brand History
Macbeth Footwear was Co-founded in 2002 by platinum selling musician Tom DeLonge, known for fronting such acts as Blink-182, Box Car Racer and Angels & Airwaves and longtime friend and ex-concert promoter, Jon Humphrey who was also the General Manager and helped found such brands as ADIO footwear, Hawk Shoes and Planet Earth Products. With rock music as their muse, DeLonge and Humphrey assembled a talented group of friends to create more then just a footwear company, but an entire lifestyle. Inspired by the world around us, Macbeth fuses the active Southern California lifestyle with passion for music and art to create classic product for the modern rebel. Whether it be sweating your face off in a muggy small club waiting for your favorite band, riding your skateboard to the local tattoo shop, or racing your Triumph through traffic down the 405 just because, Macbeth is just for you.

Macbeth Vegan
In addition to Macbeth’s music-inspired products, Macbeth is also known for its support of the vegan community. From its inception, Macbeth took inspiration from its family of vegan artists like Bane, Alkaline Trio, American Nightmare, H20, and Sick Of It All and created modern sneakers that contain only vegan materials. Many of these bands were strict advocates for straight edge ideals, which often involved the elimination of using or consuming animal products of any kind. In natural succession, Macbeth’s first ever shoe, the Eliot, launched in November of 2002 as a Vegan design. Macbeth continues to produce creative vegan footwear, and in 2007 Macbeth won “Best Vegan Skate Shoe” from Peta

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